Well, there’s quite a lot to say here, but I’ll keep it short. I was born in 1995 at a very young age in an apartment in Centretown, Ottawa with ten fingers, ten toes and all the usual nonsense. Soon after, I developed a liking for things that were pretty: music, languages, buildings, textures, smells, tastes. You’d think that this is something perfectly normal, but I disagree judging from the state of architecture, but that’s a different story.

I developed a taste for architecture before high school which gave way to a healthy passion for urbanism as I became more and more conscious of my surroundings. I bought a plastic fold-out map of Ottawa and some erasable markers and went completely crazy drawing out the city I imagined Ottawa could be until the ninth grade, when I discovered that my hobby was an actual job! Well, you can imagine my surprise. After that revelation of sorts, I met with urban planners, read books (something I seldom did outside of Harry Potter til then), scoured the web for every PDF of interest and even did a student exchange in Aachen, Germany (well, that one was more for the sake of learning German, but it opened my eyes nonetheless). There wasn’t and still isn’t a doubt in my mind about becoming an urban planner and I’m currently in my first year of urbanisme at l’Université de Montréal.

I like to ramble on about urban design issues with anyone who will put up with me, so I figured I’d save the hearing of all my loved ones and start a blog, where I can vent my ideas, appreciation and outrage in a healthy way that won’t bother anyone. Oh, and I want to share them too.

So I hope you’ll find some things of interest here and post any objections or suggestions you may have concerning my ideas – the only thing better than a monologue is a dialogue.

– Benjamin Cool-Fergus


2 thoughts on “Aboot me.

  1. Hi Benjamin,

    I’m a resident of Aylmer, and used to work with your mother at Status of Women. Matthew Graham sent me the link to your blog.

    I’m curious – your bio mentions that you worked on re-design for Ottawa, and I’m wondering if you have any drafts of ideas for the re-design of Aylmer, particularly between Wilf Lavige and Fraser, or even further towards Vanier Rd. I’m going to embark on a similar project to make Aylmer ‘walkable’, or at least less hazardous for pedestrians and cyclists. Be happy to hear your opinions and share mine.

    “I discovered that my hobby was an actual job! Well, you can imagine my surprise. ” lol

    -Mike Duggan

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